Fringe Diary #5

Don’t worry, I feel awful!!

– Me, to myself, 2018.

Yeah, I’m feeling the effects of the bad diet and the lack of sleep today, but at least my scurvy’s cleared right up. I am taking it decidedly easy before my two gigs tonight, but wanted to check in here briefly before I fall asleep for the afternoon.

Yesterday was really really nice. I saw KIN, a play written by my stand-up teacher Max Dickins and it was cracking. It was right up my street, in fairness – I love plays set in a concentrated amount of time, in the same place, with a kind of darkly comic edge to them.

Then caught up briefly with Max afterwards who was genuinely so delighted to hear that in the 10 or so months since I took his class I’ve just thrown myself into comedy, and that I’d started my own show. He’s a really lovely person but definitely the kind of male teacher where you’re not sure if you want him to make fun of you or not, because both are devastating and great in equal measures?

You know, like how you don’t actually like learning, you just like impressing men who don’t want to be impressed?

Tried to write some stuff in a café before my first Cosmic Comedy gig that evening and did a lot of sighing over a notebook instead. Adam Hess was there and the barista ushered him ahead of me in the line and I feel like he gave me a look that said “oh no!!! I’m successful?? soz!!” and I considered engaging but I was too tired so I just continued to look like a 5’6″ sigh on laundry day.

(I’m trying a new tactic of just playing hard-to-get with celebrities. Before long I’ll have the Academy at my doorstep.)

Anyway, my gig went well in the end. Cosmic is in a space called The Bunker beneath Espionage in Victoria Street, it’s a really central location and we had a small but lively crowd last night. I’ve not yet listened back to the audio but it was probably the best gig so far? I felt so comfy adjusting my set here and there and just playing with the audience a bit. Comedy is great fun, you guys!!!!!!!!

Okay I need to go and lie down and figure out how sick to be. Love you bye

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