Fringe Diary #10

Hi again!!!!!

I feel incredible today. Yes I do. The sun is out. I just ate some avocado toast and some yoghurt and some grapes and I have had two coffees. I had a fancy brownie even though I definitely can’t afford a fancy brownie but I just love fancy brownies. I could eat 100 fancy brownies. Just try me. Especially if there is something weird in them like nuts or flowers or bits of gold.

Does anyone know a fancy brownie company that would like to sponsor a penniless comedian + her blog with a readership of 10 people? Let me know!!

Aaanyway, yesterday was one of my favourite days at the Fringe so far. After some flyering in the rain for Slanty-Eyed Mamas, who remain very great and cool megababes even if I was totally drenched afterwards, I saw Elf Lyons’s show ChiffChaff with Andrew and Kwame. It was Kwame’s choice and his treat actually (such a dreamboat!!!!) and I would have been so sorry to miss it because it was just a total delight. Again, in common with Rose’s and Demi’s shows, it was so silly, so vulnerable and absurd and mad and great and with so much talent behind it. There were a couple of technical faults at the start but because Elf completely took them in her stride. One element of the show that I really liked is that she gave some of the audience members tasks, at the beginning of the performance, e.g. one person had some maracas that they would need for a rendition of If I Were A Rich Man to come later on, Elf told another man in the front row that she would be “very sexually aggressive” towards him and asked for his consent, gave a woman a little bell to ring every time she found something funny “[so] you are totally responsible for my self-worth”. Everyone was already super invested in making the performance work, is what I mean, so when there was a problem with the microphone or something, the vibe in the audience seemed to be one of “we’ll get through this together!” I mean, Elf was obviously also super charming and charismatic too otherwise it wouldn’t have worked. Ah, it was so great. I was cackling away the whole time.

Lets get Fiscal.-2 - Elfy Lyons
*not representative of eyebrows in the actual performance

After the show, I rushed over to the Mash House for Free Footlights, which I ended up hosting at the last minute because somebody dropped out. I tell you guys, because I am trying to be as honest as possible here: it was by no means perfect. But it was hands down my favourite show I’ve done here. Watching Rose, Demi and Elf made me so much more excited about getting onstage, made me so much more confident in the sorts of things you can accomplish with a crowd, I don’t know. I just poured all of my energy into it, threw out my sarkier material, stuck to the sillier stuff, was honest about how I was unprepared but made sure to keep it funny. I hared through the acts to begin with which is a bad habit of mine, just because I’m not great at doing the patter in-between acts, but made up time partway through by getting everyone to join in with a knock-knock joke from (I will blog about that another time). It was just so much fun. I did end up bringing on the last act by looking at my watch and saying “err um okay so how much more ado do you guys want?” which is by the way not a good question to ask a crowd who generally responds best to things they can either woo or shout a one-word response to. Little tip for you there.

It was a great vibe though and I left on such a high, the best best high I’ve had definitely. Ah, this is such a fun stupid thing to spend so much of my time doing. Fab.

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