Fringe Diary #11

Folks! We’re approaching the finish line! My final gig was last night! I am very sleepy! I tried to nap instead of write this but I’d already had a coffee so I couldn’t stop thinking about dipthongs!

I’m not sure that’s a common problem but it’s the truth!

My friend James brought a bunch of friends to Cosmic last night which was super sweet of him, especially since the place was totally totally rammed. The streets were all packed last night with people in town for the last weekend of the Fringe and so even Cosmic was sold out, standing room only.

I’m both pleased and a little annoyed with my set last night. After all the shows I’ve seen and loved here, my old material just seemed even less palatable to me than it did before I came to Edinburgh. Yeah, it’s neat and compact and witty, but that isn’t me! I want to do something that’s energetic and vulnerable and ecstatic not just like “did you guys hear that men … are bad?” There are loads of people who can do that kind of sarcastic cool thing really really well but I don’t think that’s me. So I sort of threw together a new way of delivering the set and it didn’t go over too well, it was too sloppy, but I’m so glad I gave it a go. Really. After how much I’d enjoyed emceeing the night before, the thought of going back to my old routine just didn’t feel right to me. Although the new stuff I tried wasn’t perfect, it felt like a step in the right direction though and I think it has legs. And who doesn’t like legs?

Now all I want to do is sleep but when my head hits the pillow it’s just bubbling away with ideas and plans and – and dipthongs apparently – but that feels right. It’s what I imagine having loud early-rising babies is a little bit like: you really want to sleep a bit longer and wish they could be quiet until you’re fully rested, but you’re very happy to have them regardless. I’m really optimistic about the next year to come! Can’t wait to have my own show here sometime! Can’t wait to get better at what I do! Can’t wait to be the best at what I do!

I’m going to dredge my adolescence for some funny trauma and think about venturing out into the rain for bread. Catch you later!

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