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What do you do in your spare time?

Great question, thank you for asking! Here’s a choice few activities.

  • Roast rotting bits of broccoli
  • Pick up items and put them down again
  • Eat a dry cracker
  • Examine the skin on my legs
  • “What if I went for a run?”
  • Struggle to open sock drawer
  • Text between one and two brothers The Simpsons quotes
  • Think that maybe it’s really someone else’s turn to clean the shower
  • Wine
  • Struggle to open freezer drawer
  • “I can’t afford it! But okay”
  • Eat a piece of bread
  • Wonder what body shape I am
  • Is “sausage, but with a big butt” a body shape?
  • Would that just look a bit like a dick?
  • Is my body shape actually just a silhouette of a dick?
  • Google pictures of French actresses
  • Think about getting my hair done
  • Check my bank balance
  • Why did I check my bank balance?
  • Decide it is maybe time to grow my hair out
  • Decide that maybe it is time to cut my hair myself
  • Decide that I am tired now actually
  • Eat a piece of bread
  • Slowly wait for the sun to go down
  • Hang with my girlllllss 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hope this helps!!